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Fiber-Reinforced Concrete for Sustainable Construction

January 11 - ACI Chapter / SEAOCC Joint Dinner Meeting

"Net zero" or neutral carbon concrete is targeted by 2050 and the path forward includes many steps that involves the use of novel materials such as fibers.  New developments in materials technology and the addition of field experience have expanded the applications of fiber-reinforced concrete (FRC).  This presentation will review the current knowledge and ACI design guides for this material.  Standard tests are used for characterizing the performance of FRC and the results are used for design in various non-structural and structural applications.  Some of the applications include slabs-on-ground, slabs-on-pile, topping slabs, structural connections, precast segments and shotcrete.  This presentation will also address various topics related to sustainability and carbon footprint of concrete construction.  Replacing steel wire mesh or rebar in concrete with reinforcing fibers, where possible, will reduce the carbon footprint related to embodied energy and will improve the service life of the structure.

Guest Speaker:
Amir Bonakdar is the business development manager for Euclid Chemical in the western United States.  He has a Master's degree in structural engineering from the University of Tehran (2006) and a PhD from Arizona State University (2010).  After graduation, Amir served as an engineering instructor and researcher at the university; working on implementing state-of-the-art research on fiber-reinforced concrete and concrete duraability.  He is a registered professional engineer and an active member of ACI, PCI, SEI and ASTM.  He is the upcoming chair for ACI 544 (fiber-reinforced concrete), voting member of ACI 360 (slabs-on-ground) and an associate member of ACI 201 (concrete durability).

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