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ACI Concrete Construction Awards

It's Time to Enter the 2022 Regional Concrete Awards Competition

If you completed an amazing project, but no one knows about it -- is it really amazing? 

Over the last three years we have faced a pandemic, supply chain issues, and labor challenges, yet none of that stopped us from producing and delivering quality time and time again.  Join us by submitting your project to be considered for one of our regional ACI Concrete Construction Awards (CCA) in the categories below.

During the last three years, did your project face unique challenges that required creative outside the box thinking?  Did you exceed a goal regarding construction timelines, introduce a new application, hit new levels of sustainability, or need consideration simply for the sheer scope of the project?  If any of these or others apply to your project, then help us highlight it. 

Our goal is to recognize what our region can do and the successes we have had.  It is your hard work, creative thinking, and focus that helps to move our industry forward into the future. 

Shouldn’t that be worth some recognition?

Michael Smith, Chapter Director and ACI Concrete Construction Awards Chair

CLICK HERE - Download the 2022 CCA Entry Form and Learn More

Enter up to four projects at no cost. Open to all concrete industry professionals. 

For 2022, the regional ACI CCA has seven project categories:

  • Low-Rise Structures – Up to Three Stories (Bigger Isn’t Always Better)
  • Mid-Rise Structures – Four to Fifteen Stories (It Can Be Hard to Be the Middle Child)
  • High-Rise Structures – More than Fifteen Stories (Size Matters)
  • Infrastructure (The Unsung Hero)
  • Repair and Restoration (Age Is Just a Number -- and a Challenge)
  • Decorative Concrete (The Peacock Award)

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