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Caltrans JTCP Adopts Recertification Procedures

Joint Training & Certification Program announces renewal requirements effective March 1, 2021

Caltrans has recently released modifications to the Joint Training & Certification Program (JTCP) contained in its Independent Assurance (IA) Manual.  The procedural changes were developed to provide a means for technicians to recertify under the JTCP.  The recertification process currently applies only to the HMA I, HMA II, and S&A modules; ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician - Grade 1 (FT1) certification renewal procedures remain unchanged.

For the first recertification to a JTCP module (3 years after initial training), the technician may choose to forefo (opt out) of the associated module training days, but must still successfully complete the written and practical examinations.  For the second recertification to a JTCP module (6 years after the initial training), the technician must attend all associated module training days to qualify for the written and practical exams.  Additionally, if a returning technician has elected to opt out of trainng days, he/she may only be recertified in the test mothods obtained during his/her previous JTCP certification.  The fee structure for initial certification and subsequent recertification will be identical.

Complete information for certification through the JTCP modules may be found at  Registration information may be obtained at

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