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Michelle Craig 309

Certified Technicians Worry About Expiration Dates

COVID-19 Creates Problem for Certified Personnel

ACI's Managing Director of Certification, Mr. John Nehasil, addressed the biggest question all  Local Sponsoring Groups have posed in the last week - what do we tell applicants with expiring certifications?  Here is his response:

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent emergency actions have caused many disruptions, including rescheduling of ACI Certification education and exam sessions to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. These actions may result in an individual’s ACI Certification expiring before a rescheduled session takes place. As a result, ACI has been asked to extend certifications so that individuals may remain in compliance with project requirements as they await recertification testing. For a number of reasons, ACI has determined that extending certifications is not the best solution.

ACI believes the Engineer of Record and/or specifier is the proper individual to review a technician’s credentials and determine if a waiver is warranted/appropriate. This can then be documented in the project files along with an explanation referencing recertification difficulties due to COVID-19 disruptions.

Please direct any questions or requests for explanation to me, and I'll do my best to assist.

s/John W. Nehail

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