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What is the difference between ACI International and Local Chapters?

Membership in ACI International does not include membership in a local Chapter. All Chapter Officers and Directors must be ACI Members, under the terms of the Chapter charter. We encourage all Chapter Members to become ACI Members, since their dues help support the important educational and technical mission of ACI. We also encourage ACI Members to become Chapter Members, since our local group is the contact point for ACI in the region, through which Certification, networking, and educational activities occur.

How do I access the Chapter Member Roster?

The Member Roster is available to current Chapter Members with an authorized username and password. Members receive their initial username and password via email after they complete their first dues payment.

The user profile allows Chapter Members to update their own information to keep the Roster up to date. Search for other Chapter Members and/or products and services. For updating purposes, Members can access all the data in their own record. A special field for company information allows each Member to describe the services and products, professional expertise, project involvement, and awards and other recognitions their company has received.

Guest Access to the Member Roster allows website visitors to see Chapter Member listings. If a Member does not want visitors to see their information, they can choose not to show it to visitors.

Do you offer troubleshooting of completed concrete work? As a Chapter, we do not provide technical troubleshooting; however, several of our members do have the expertise to assist you. We encourage you to search the Chapter’s Member Roster for local contact that may be of help.

Do you respond to technical inquiries?

The Chapter does not evaluate, analyze, or recommend any design, repair, product, construction practice, manufacturing process, or code interpretation; however, our members are some of the most knowledgeable practitioners in the concrete industry. Please contact the Business Administration Manager, or submit your question using the Feedback form, for assistance in identifying a Chapter Member who might be able to assist you.

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