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ACI Student Chapter & A Presentation Focused on Concrete Solutions for Sustainable Building

SJSU Students & Chapter Virtual Event

If you missed the virtual event, here is a summary of the program and a link to watch a recording of Jennifer Mitchell's informative presentation.

Past Events Gallery

Student Chapter Update and A Presentation Focused on Industry Economic & Jobs Outlook

CSU Chico Students & Chapter Virtual Event Wrap-Up

If you missed the virtual event, here is a summary of the program and a link to watch a recording of Greg Odenthal's informative presentation.

Written by Jaymi Fridley, Chapter Vice President and Programs Chair

Past Events Gallery

The Chapter's first virtual meeting for 2020 was an informative live presentation by Katie Amelio, P.E.

October 13, 2020 Video: Chapter Webinar on Durability

Durability - How Do We Measure It?

Video Length: 62 Minutes    

You can view the video of the live presentation online or download it. After accessing the video link, click on the triangle to play or click on the download symbol on the top right of the screen. Thank you to the event attendees who saw the live presentation via Zoom. 


The live online presentation covered the importance of durability and current test methods.

 Topics included:
• How to define durability;
• Where to find durability requirements and guideance; and
• Commonly used durability tests for freeze-thaw and alkali-aggregate reactivity.

Presented by:

Katie Amelio, P.E., is a Professional Development Program Engineer at the American Concrete Institute.

If you have questions, please email

Previously Katie was a Senior Engineer & Supervisor, CTLGroup, Skokie, IL.  She has 10 years of experience preparing and reviewing contract reports for standardized and specialized cementitious material testing programs, evaluating concrete materials for railroad specification compliance, and evaluating curing compounds, sealers, grouts, precast stone veneer, and various other concrete products.  Additionally, she has taught and proctored ACI Field Testing Technician - Level I certification programs for the Illinois Chapter.  She received a BS in general engineering from University of Illinois in 2000. Katie is a Professional Engineer in Illinois.


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