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Michelle Craig 444

CSU Chico Students & Chapter Virtual Event Wrap-Up

Student Chapter Update and A Presentation Focused on Industry Economic & Jobs Outlook

The Chapter's Tuesday, February 9th lunch meeting was a joint effort with the Chico State ACI Student Chapter.  Student Chapter President, Tanner Olsen, spoke about the club's activities during virtual learning times, and the challenges they are facing.

Chapter Member and Industry Consultant Greg Odenthal gave attendees an insightful presentation, starting with the local economy's history and the economic adversity the concrete industry has met over the years.  He walked through the current COVID outlook and what the industry economy could look like in post-COVID times.  Most interestingly, Greg challenged our future leaders to not just adapt to the coming changes, but find ways to become the change.

If you would like to view Greg's presentation on our YouTube channel, click here

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