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Michelle Craig 618

September Dinner Meeting Wrap-Up

Dinner, Networking & Hilarious Fun


While the turnout was small, there was no shortage of fun, laughter, and good-natured heckling at September 13th’s event at Cattlemens in Dixon.

The Social Hour provided an opportunity for friends and business associates to reconnect and network over drinks and appetizers.  Cattlemens provided several tasty entrée options, followed by dessert.  The food was delicious and the wait staff was quick and courteous.













Host Ash Wear presided with good humor amid an intense and hilarious competition. 

Chapter President Ash Wear took a few minutes to acknowledge attending Past Presidents, thank those who sponsored student dinners, and announce the dates and locations of upcoming events for the remainder of the year.

And then the hilarity began!  President Wear, acting as host, introduced this year’s improved version of Concrete Jeopardy – dubbed 2.0.  There were six categories of five questions each, designed to test participant’s concrete knowledge, including:  Properties of Concrete, Concrete Aggregates, Concrete in Extreme Weather, ACI Field Tech 1, ACI Flatwork & Finisher, and Cement and Supplementary Cementitious Materials.








The teams were often challenged by the answers and the questions - but Team Hightower persevered!  

Attendees formed groups of up to four people, so a total of 4 teams were playing.  Starting with Team 1, each team was given the opportunity to pick a category and dollar amount, and then had 30 seconds to answer the question (complete with the traditional “Jeopardy” music playing in the background).  If the team was unable to provide the correct answer, the question was opened up to the remaining teams, with the winner being the first team to text the correct answer to President Wear.

Following the very boisterous (and rather chaotic) time answering all of the thirty questions on the board, the teams were ranked and the winners announced:

First Place  ($50 prize for each player):  Robert Hightower, Carolyn Phillips, Chapin Fowler, and Robert Fowler

Second Place  ($25 prize for each player):  Kelly Idiart, Randy Romeo, and Michael Goddard

Third Place  (thanks for playing!):  Doug Yeggy, Katha Redmon, Dan Evans, and Marian Welch

Fourth Place  (shame on you!):  Clay Slocum, Paige Silva, Tanner Olsen, and Marr Olsen

In the tradition of last year’s competition, this event was rowdy, irreverent, and fun for all!  We hope President Wear will eventually be able to remove all the spam text messages he received on his phone (the senders will remain anonymous).

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