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Chapter's Holiday Social a Whiff at Flatstick Pub

SMUD Substation Fire Blacks Out Downtown Sacramento

In an unusual turn of events on Tuesday, December 14th, Flatstick Pub was one of about 1,300 businesses in Downtown Sacramento left without power when SMUD Substation A caught fire in the early afternoon.  With no chance of restoration that night, the venue was regretfully forced to cancel the Chapter's Holiday Social.  Business Administration Manager Miki Craig and Chapter Vice President Ash Wear worked feverishly to reach the 35 members and guests who had registered to participate in the event.  

The blackout impacted homes, businesses and traffic lights from 12th Street west toward the Sacramento River and G Street south to L Street, SMUD said.  Downtown was an eerie place Tuesday evening, with bitter cold and a driving wind adding to the surreal ambiance created by the blacked out buildings.

Flatstick Pub quickly refunded the Chapter's deposit and ensured BAM Craig they would love the opportunity to host the membership in the near future.  VP Wear is eager to reschedule the event, possibly sometime in January or February.

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